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Sightings Report for June 21st 2018

It has been a hot week in the Victoria area, with the winds picking up into the next few days! There are so many whales in the area that its basically whale soup!

The Southern Resident Orca (salmon eaters) have stuck around and we have had the chance to interact with J and L pod as they forage along the San Juan Islands! They have been very active and social, often breaching and slapping the surface wit their fins. The winds picked up into our afternoon tours so our passengers were in for a roller-coaster ride! Luckily our boats handle rough seas well and everyone had a great time!

~ Stay Tuned!

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Sightings Report for June 9 2018

A beautiful calm Saturday in the capital city! We sent BC ORCA and BC LUNA to discover who was in the Salish Sea for the day!!

It wasn't long before before a group of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) were spotted east of Victoria! Our fleet encountered them throughout the day as they scanned the area and successfully foraged!

In the afternoon, BC ORCA, BC LUNA, and BC TIKA all headed out towards Orcas Island and had a great experience watching a pod of transient orcas hunting for porpoises - everyone has to eat!

~Stay Tuned!!

Photo Credit: Thomas Mitchell

Photo Credit: Thomas Mitchell

Sightings Report for May 14th 2018

Another sunny day in Victoria, it feels like spring is turning into summer as we gear up for peak whale watching season! 

Our captains were excited to leave the dock, and discover what was going on in the Salish Sea. It wasn't long before they picked up Biggs Orca and Humpback whales, we are so lucky that our local waters can support so much life!!

Orca travel fast, and by the afternoon they were far North of Victoria. Good thing our vessels are faster, and we were able to reach them on our afternoon trips!! A group of guests got to witness several orca chasing a sea lion, although this is something they are good at, the sea lion prevailed. 

~ Stay tuned for what we encounter next!!

Sightings Report for October 15th 2017

It was a great sunny Sunday in Victoria yesterday! There were reports of cetaceans in the area before captain Russ left the dock, making him very eager to start the day! 

Both orca and humpback whales were encountered throughout the day! In the morning a pod of California Transient orca were spotted hunting in the Juna De Fuca Strait! This was a very unique and rare sighting, because like their name suggests they are often found off the coast of California! A lot of humpback whales are still around feeding and relaxing in the local waters, its always great to encounter these gentle giants!

In the afternoon Captain Russ went East to catch up with more humpbacks and the Resident Orcas (salmon eaters) identified as J pod!! They have not been around a lot this season due to a shortage of prey, so it is great to see them back!

Stay tuned!

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Sightings Report for October 1st 2017

The first day of October was a success! Low winds, a mix of sun and clouds and reports of whales in the area made it a perfect day to be on the water! 

Humpbacks are still feeding throughout the Juna De Fuca Strait! These large animals feed on small bait fish and phytoplankton species by gaping their mouths and swimming into their schooling prey! It is incredible to think of how much they have to eat to sustain and built their blubber layer. 

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Stay tuned!!

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Sightings Report for September 23rd 2017

Another great day on the water!! There were reports of animals in the area before our fleet left the dock! 

West of Victoria we encountered a pod of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) hunting and successfully taking down their prey. After they were finished they became very playful, breaching, tail slapping, and cartwheeling through the water. What an incredible sight! Our passengers got some great photographs as the whales came in close to check us out. 

In the mouth of the Juan De Fuca Strait approximately 50 humpback whales were feeding on the bounty of bait fish in the area. It was incredible to see so many individuals at once, and hard to know where to look with multiple blows at a time!!

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Sighting Report for September 20, 2017

Early morning reports of orca were confirmed by the time our morning expeditions had left the dock.  All of our morning adventures headed towards the Juan De Fuca Strait between the southern end of Vancouver Island and mainland Washington state, USA.

All of our guests were thrilled to interact with the T11s (mother and son pod of Bigg's orca), the mammal hunting orca circled around a specific area that suggested they were hunting something close by.

The afternoon trips got to encounter the same pod of orca, as well as, a heap of marine mammal life on Race Rocks ecological reserve.  It was a great day to be on the water.

lets see what happens today on the Salish Sea ~ Stay Tuned!! 

Sighting Report for September 18, 2017

Today was shaping up to be another adventure just waiting to be experienced.  With the sun out from behind the clouds and whale sightings beginning to flood in from various individuals around the local area - we were keen to get out there!

Captain. Gordon and Russ were off heading towards an earlier report that suggested orca were near the American San Juan Islands and that they were.  Our guests got an amazing morning encounter with a pod of Bigg's orca (mammal hunters).  The individuals were the T101's to be exact.

Time to get the boats ready for another day of adventure and fun on the water

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The 109s encountered on September 16, 2017 ~ PC. Capt. Tom