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Sightings Report for June 11th 2018

The weather conditions were perfect, with clear sunny skies and calm seas we sent our fleet out to see who was in the area for the day! It didnt take long before reports of animals came in!

The Resident Orca's (fish eaters) are FINALLY back!!! They have not been seen in the area since April, so we are very excited!! This ecotype of orca specialize in eating Chinook Salmon, and with fish stocks so low the Southern Resident orca population is dwindling! 

Not only did the Residents make an appearance, but the Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) were also present! They have been frequenting local waters all seasons and we are always pleased to encounter them!

~ Stay tuned!!

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Sightings Report for June 7th 2018

We had an exciting and rare sighting yesterday in the heart of Victoria! A pod of Biggs Orca came into the inner harbour of downtown Victoria!!! Not only do dock here, but many other businesses and private boats!! It is a busy and noisy place but they seemed comfortable as they came in to check things out! 

That said, our fleet got to encounter Biggs Orca all day! We love peak whale watching season because that means more interactions with these powerful predators. It is World Oceans Day today and we are excited to celebrate our oceans, and see who we encounter!!

~Stay tuned!

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Sightings Report for June 6th 2018

What a perfect day for whale watching!!! The sun was shining and the water was flat calm as BC TIKA & ORCA headed off the dock. We had our first sunset trip yesterday, and whales all day long!!!

Reports of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) came in early, so our fleet caught up with them as they headed west towards Victoria. They were identified as the T124A's, consisting of a matriarch and her five calves!! Our passengers got to encounter them all day long as they actively scanned and successfully foraged through the Salish Sea! 

~Stay tuned!!

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Sightings Report for June 5th 2018

The day started out cloudy and cold, but the sun came out by late afternoon!! We headed out on BC ORCA and LUNA to discover who was in the area, and it didn't take long before whales were picked up!

A Humpback whale was encountered west of Victoria feeding/resting, and although the whale was taking long dives, our guests had great interactions!! In the afternoon Biggs Orca came into range so we caught up with them as they traveled west, scanning the Salish Sea for potential prey.

~Stay Tuned!! 

Sightings report for June 4th 2018

Happy Monday! It was a good start to the week with some sun and light wind, so BC ORCA and TIKA went out to see who was in the Salish Sea for the day!!

In the morning we caught up with several humpback whales foraging/resting south of Georgia Strait. In the afternoon Biggs Orca came into range so BC TIKA went for it! We also frequently encounter all types of other wildlife including seals, sea lions, bald eagles and a range of sea birds!!

~Stay tuned for whats next!!

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Sightings Report for May 29 2018

Another windy day in the capital region, good thing our vessels were designed to handle choppy waters! Reports of Biggs Orca came in early in the morning and our captains couldn't wait to get off the dock for the day!

Captain Gordon took BC ORCA out for a morning tour and caught up with a pod of Biggs Orca as they were travelling through. We hoped they would be in range for the day as they traveled further north!!

With a high westerly wind in the afternoon, BC TIKA was perfect for maneuvering through the waves! Unfortunately the whales moved too quickly and we were not able to catch them. However, our passengers still had a good time despite not seeing whales. Good thing we have the best no whale guarantee in the inner harbor and when they returned to the dock we offered our guests 20% refund and a stand by tour on us!!

~ Stay tuned!

Sightings Report for May 23 2018

What a beautiful Wednesday, the sun was shining and the skies were clear! In the morning we sent out BC ORCA and BC TIKA, but by the afternoon the wind picked up, so BC LUNA was perfect for keeping everyone dry!! 

It was a day of humpback encounters! Several individuals were seen north of Victoria and were being rather playful. They rolled onto their backs and splashed with their pectoral fins, also showing off their large throat grooves!! We love to see happy whales!!

~Stay tuned!

Sightings Report for October 22nd 2017

Last day of the season!! The weather couldn't seem to make up its mind with periods of sun and heavy rain. Captain Russ decided it was best to take BC LUNA, our fully enclosed zodiac, for these conditions and the comfort of our passengers. He could not wait to get on the water to see who was in the area for the last trip of the season!

Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) and humpbacks have been consistently encountered throughout the summer and yesterday was no exception! Captain Russ caught up with both species as they foraged in the Salish Sea, the Biggs Orca were identified as individuals who frequent California.

Thank you to everyone for making this season a great success, and a special thanks to all of our wonderful captains!! There is an element of uncertainty in wildlife adventures and the presence of animals is key. This season there was a very noticeable absence of the Southern Resident Orca population, but we hope to see a rebound of the salmon stocks in years to come so these animals can thrive once again.  We have a lot of respect for these top predators and it is a pleasure to give them value. Our goal is to help people understand their important role in the local ecosystem, while creating unforgettable memories on their adventure!

Next season will begin March 1st 2018!!