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Sightings Report for June 24th 2018

Another great day in Victoria! The sun was shining and our captains could not wait to see what action was taking place in the area for the day!

It wasn't long before reports of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) came in, several pods popped up northeast of Victoria. Our fleet caught up with them as they foraged their way through the Salish Sea!! 

Our guests also got to encounter a juvenile humpback! Alot of these gentle giants come to our nutrient rich waters to feed in the summer.

~Stay Tuned!!

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Sightings Report for June 10th 2018

Happy Sunday! With sunny skies and calm seas BC ORCA and BC LUNA left the dock to see who was in the area for the day!

It wasn't long before several groups of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) were picked up in the Salish Sea! Our coastal waters are so productive that they are able to support a variety of life, including many species of marine mammals. Seals and porpoise's make a large part of the Biggs Orca diet, so the pods often come in to hunt for their favourite prey! 

By the afternoon the whales were very close to Victoria so our passengers got to spend more time on scene!! The whales were still in hunting mode as they foraged throughout the area. Pods are often seen celebrating their success after a meal!

~ Stay tuned for whats next!!

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Sightings Report for May 27 2018

Another sunny Sunday in the greater Victoria area! Our captains were excited to leave the dock and discover what animals were around for the day!!

We caught up with humpbacks hanging out in the waters south of Victoria. These gentle giants are here to feed in our nutrient rich waters for the summer! They were first spotted near Race Rocks Ecological Park, a chain of islands littered with the local pinnipeds. Being so close, a stop in was a must! Most seals and sea lions bask in the sun along the rocks and are often heard barking at one another.

A pod of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) popped up in the afternoon, so we went for it! That means our passengers got the chance to encounter two different whale species!! Another great day on the water.

~Stay tuned!!

Photo Credit: Tom Mitchell

Photo Credit: Tom Mitchell

Sightings Report for May 6th 2018

Clear skies brought a lot of sunshine to the greater Victoria area! Captain Russ and Gordon could not wait to leave the dock and discover who was in the Salish Sea for the day!

Captain Gordon picked up a pod of Biggs orca (mamal eaters) in the morning, just south of Race Rock Ecological Park!! Orca pods consist of a mother and her offspring, this pod in particular had a newly born calf!! It was quite a treat for our passengers, the small whale stayed close to moms side as they cruised through the Juan de Fuca Strait.

Stay tuned to see what we encounter next!

Sightings Report for October 1st 2017

The first day of October was a success! Low winds, a mix of sun and clouds and reports of whales in the area made it a perfect day to be on the water! 

Humpbacks are still feeding throughout the Juna De Fuca Strait! These large animals feed on small bait fish and phytoplankton species by gaping their mouths and swimming into their schooling prey! It is incredible to think of how much they have to eat to sustain and built their blubber layer. 

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Stay tuned!!

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Sightings Report for September 24th 2017

A great day for whale watching! The sun was out and the water was calm as our captains headed out to see what was in range for the day.

It wasn't long before reports of orcas came in indicating they were North of Victoria. Our fleet headed up to catch the action, and on the way stumbled upon a humpback feeding and resting in a channel among the San Juan Islands. 

Both ecotypes of orca were encountered throughout the day! The resident's (salmon eaters) were also seen around the San Juan Islands feeding on the salmon along the coastline. Bigg's orca (mammal eaters) were spotted moving quickly as they scanned the waters for prey, and socialized!

Stay tuned for whats next!!

Sightings Report for August 27th 2017

Happy Sunday! The season is going by quickly, but shows no signs of slowing down. We have had amazing interactions with orca and humpback whales all month, we are so proud to share the coast with such beautiful animals! 

Our fleet caught up with the T60's again as they continue to hang out in the Salish Sea! Biggs Orca are mammal eaters and need to eat frequently in order to sustain themselves, so they are often encountered hunting. They are always a hit with the guests!

Stay tuned!

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Sightings Report for August 20th 2017

Happy Sunday! What a great day to be on the water, with reports of cetaceans in the area before our captains left the dock! 

We caught up with Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) in US waters as they scanned the mouth of Puget Sound for their favourite prey; seals! They were a large pod consisting of at least six individuals, often splitting up to cover more ground, then converging after a successful hunt!

Race Rocks Ecological reserve is full of Californian and Stellar Sea Lions napping and socializing. They are often heard "barking" at one another as they shimmy across the rocks. 

Stay tuned!

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