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Sighting Report for September 20, 2017

Early morning reports of orca were confirmed by the time our morning expeditions had left the dock.  All of our morning adventures headed towards the Juan De Fuca Strait between the southern end of Vancouver Island and mainland Washington state, USA.

All of our guests were thrilled to interact with the T11s (mother and son pod of Bigg's orca), the mammal hunting orca circled around a specific area that suggested they were hunting something close by.

The afternoon trips got to encounter the same pod of orca, as well as, a heap of marine mammal life on Race Rocks ecological reserve.  It was a great day to be on the water.

lets see what happens today on the Salish Sea ~ Stay Tuned!! 

Sighting Report for July 22, 2017

A great start to the weekend! The wind was low yet again keeping the water flat calm, making great conditions for spotting whales as they come to the surface to breathe.

There were several individual humpback whales spread throughout the Juan De Fuca Strait as they headed West to the open Pacific. We are lucky to have these gentle giants stop by the Salish Sea to feed and relax before they finish their long trip North to Alaskan waters!  

Race Rocks Ecological Reserve is always full of life, where several seals and sea lions sun themselves on the rocks as they relax and interact with each other. Ollie the only local sea otter was also spotted hanging out the in the kelp forest, where he enjoys wrapping himself with the kelp in order to take an afternoon nap. 

Stay tuned!!

Sighting Report for July 8, 2017!!

This morning we had calm seas and sunshine! As well as that we also had early rumoured reports of orca right off the Victoria waterfront.  It appeared to be quite a few Bigg's orca (mammal hunters) socializing and frolicking on the surface, which wowed all of our guests on board.

The afternoon was just as much fun with great orca and humpback encounters.  Unfortunately, the wind did pick right up once again in the early evening, which resulted in us having to cancel the sunset cruise.  It always breaks our hearts when we have to cancel due to weather conditions.

Our first priority on the water is always Safety and Comfort.  

Today is looking not as windy and we are looking forward to getting on the water! Stay Tuned!!

Sighting Report for July 1, 2017 (CANADA DAY!!!)

What a great way to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday!! While the crowds gathered downtown Victoria for the festivities, our guests were lucky to spend some time with both Bigg's Orca and Humpback out on the water. 

Unfortunately wind picked up in the late afternoon, but our fun and stable zodiacs managed the waters superbly. 

All in all great day on the water, looking forward to seeing what we find today!!

Sighting Report for June 30, 2017

Its a day for Bigg's Orca (mammal hunters) today!! With large groups scattered all around the Salish Sea today.  All of our expeditions today got amazing encounters of these curious animals hunting for their lunch & socializing/celebrating afterwards.  Mind blowing!!

We are expecting the sunny weather to continue throughout the weekend, which means nothing but good & adventurous times on the water.

Bring on Canada Day!!

Sighting Report for June 29, 2017

sunny and calm always gets our guides excited about what possible adventures are awaiting to be had in the Pacific North West.  We had early reports of potential orca close to Victoria and our morning, afternoon and sunset cruises all got to encounter members of the Southern Resident orca population (J pod and K14s) foraging and socializing off the San Juan Island.

Our morning tours were also lucky enough to interact with a single humpback whale south of Victoria before heading over to encounter J pod.

This weekend is looking great with more sun expected for Canada Day (July 1st).

Sighting Report for June 28, 2017


Happy Hump Day! Its the middle of the week and in keeping with the theme it was a humpback day in the Salish Sea!

Captain Jim, Darren, and Kaegan were all on scene with several humpbacks throughout the day as they rested, and fed in the nutrient rich waters of the strait. Captain Jim caught up with a humpback south east of Race Rocks ecological reserve feeding on small schools of fish. Our passengers got a great view of the whale as it swam straight up from the deep with its mouth gaped ready to engulf its prey, it was an incredible sight and a unique encounter!

The great weather conditions will continue to finish off the week! Stay tuned to see what we encounter next!!

Sighting Report for June 27, 2017

The Bigg's are back!! The sun was out and the wind was down making the conditions more than ideal for a marine expedition. Before our Captains set out for the day there was already sightings of Bigg's killer whales (mammal eaters) known as the T123's.

The T123's consist of a mother and her two young; one being a teenage male, born in 2000 and a new female calf born in 2012. They gave our guests a show as the breached often and were quite active as they headed West into the evening. 

Plenty of humpbacks still in the area as they feed and rest after traveling thousands of kilometers from tropical waters. This is a great spot to stop in before they reach their final destination of Alaska where there is plenty more to eat!

A stop by the ecological reserve 'Race Rocks' always brings great pinniped sightings! It is a known haul out sight for seals and sea lions providing them with lots of space to bask in the sun. There have been many sightings of Elephant seals sparing over dominance and territory, giving our guests the opportunity to view a showdown. 

Another successful day on the water, stay tuned to hear what we encounter next!