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Sightings Report for July 16th 2018

What a lovely way to start the week!! The skies were clear and the sun was bringing the heat to the capital region!

We spotted multiple humpbacks feeding in the morning, as well as several pods of Bigg's Killer Whales (mammal eaters) throughout the day. We were very lucky to encounter these mammal-eating orcas as they successfully hunted porpoises. 

Our captains also made a stop at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, which is especially beautiful on a sunny day like today!  A couple of our vessels really lucked out when they stumbled on a grey whale, a rare sight here during this time of year. 

Captain Jim and Captain Kaegan came across some very curious Bigg's Killer Whales again in the afternoon, as well as some more humpback whales, sea lions, otters, and seals. 

After such an awesome day on the water, we're so excited to see what tomorrow brings!!

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Sightings Report September 27th 2017

Sunny skies in the Victoria area brought the heat, making for perfect whale watching conditions. Our captains were excited to start the day and discover who was in the local waters!

It wasn't long before reports of whales came in, another successful day! Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) are taking over the Salish Sea looking for other marine mammals to snack on, and will often celebrate after making a kill by breaching, tail slapping, and cartwheeling! The large amount of Humpback's are still feeding near the mouth of the Juan De Fuca Strait, its incredible to think about the amount of fish underneath the surface!

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Stay tuned for whats next!

Sightings Report for September 23rd 2017

Another great day on the water!! There were reports of animals in the area before our fleet left the dock! 

West of Victoria we encountered a pod of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) hunting and successfully taking down their prey. After they were finished they became very playful, breaching, tail slapping, and cartwheeling through the water. What an incredible sight! Our passengers got some great photographs as the whales came in close to check us out. 

In the mouth of the Juan De Fuca Strait approximately 50 humpback whales were feeding on the bounty of bait fish in the area. It was incredible to see so many individuals at once, and hard to know where to look with multiple blows at a time!!

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Sightings Report for September 22nd 2017

The sun was shining all morning but the clouds rolled through into the afternoon, lucky for us the wind remained calm, with the water ideal for spotting cetaceans as they surface!

Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) were encountered east and west of Victoria throughout the day so our captains had their pick and encountered several different groups! They were seen hunting and successfully making kills, as well as socializing afterward to celebrate!

Resident Orcas (fish eaters) identified as L pod are back and foraging for Salmon around the San Juan Islands! It was a pleasure to encounter these endangered species, because they have stayed offshore most of this season. 

A few individual humpbacks were also encountered foraging and resting in the Strait before making a stop in to see seals and sea lions at their favourite haul out sight, Race Rocks!

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Sightings Report for September 16th 2017

Sunny skies and calm winds made for great whale watching conditions and a fantastic way to start off the weekend! The flat waters made it very easy to see the exhales of cetaceans as they surfaced to breathe.

Several Bigg's Orca pods were picked up throughout the Juna De Fuca Strait, scanning the coastline for other marine mammals as potential prey. Several pods were seen hunting and took down several harbour seals! After working together to out maneuver and catch their prey they share it equally throughout their family pod. There were also several very curious whales that approached the boats to check us out, giving passengers a very rare and unique experience!

The humpbacks are still around feeding before they head off for the winter months to breed and calve in tropical waters. They are often encountered feeding on small bait fish in order to satisfy their metabolic needs and put on blubber for their migration!

Stay tuned for what we encounter tomorrow!

Sightings Report for Sept 2nd 2017

What a great start to the long weekend!! The sun was shining and the winds were calm as the captains headed out to discover what was in the local waters. It didn't take long until reports of Biggs Orca came in! Indicating they were heading through the June De Fuca Strait to see what the Salish Sea had to offer!

Our morning tours caught up with the whales as they headed West searching the coast for prey! By the afternoon it was a feast for the mammal eating Biggs orca pods as they worked together to take down their targets. They caught one thing after another and the seal gulls swooped in to get the scraps!

Humpbacks were also encountered feeding and resting throughout the Strait, coming up for  several breathes before a long dive to the bottom!

Stay tuned for what we encounter tomorrow!

Sightings Report for September 1st 2017

The first day of September was amazing!! Clear sunny skies and calm winds provided great conditions for spotting local cetaceans as they come to the surface to breathe.

There were reports of sightings before our fleet left the dock so our captains were eager to get on the water! Biggs orca (mammal eaters) have taken over with pods peppered throughout the Salish Sea. Several pods were working together to scan the coast and find their prey, with about 30 whales in the same area! What a rare sighting and great encounter for our passengers!

Humpback whales are still feeding around the kelp beds off Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, so a stop in to Race Rocks brings more than just sightings of the local pinnipeds.

Stay tuned!!!

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Sightings Report for August 30th 2017

The sun was shining this morning with a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon, however the wind picked up and blew the clouds through the capital region into the evening. Great conditions to be on the water, with calm winds in the morning it makes it great to find and spot the "blows" of the whales as they surface to breathe.

Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) have become a staple in the Salish Sea this season as they have appeared almost everyday! This is no surprise with the absence of the Resident Orca (fish eaters) and the increase in the seal population, these animals have moved in to fill the gap of top predator! Two pods were encountered throughout the day as they scanned the Strait for potential prey, often spreading out to cover more ground.

Humpbacks were also encountered throughout the day relaxing and feeding! After catching their breathe they "fluke" before a deep dive, giving guests the iconic shot!

Stay tuned!! 

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