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Sightings Report for June 11th 2018

The weather conditions were perfect, with clear sunny skies and calm seas we sent our fleet out to see who was in the area for the day! It didnt take long before reports of animals came in!

The Resident Orca's (fish eaters) are FINALLY back!!! They have not been seen in the area since April, so we are very excited!! This ecotype of orca specialize in eating Chinook Salmon, and with fish stocks so low the Southern Resident orca population is dwindling! 

Not only did the Residents make an appearance, but the Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) were also present! They have been frequenting local waters all seasons and we are always pleased to encounter them!

~ Stay tuned!!

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Sightings Report for June 10th 2018

Happy Sunday! With sunny skies and calm seas BC ORCA and BC LUNA left the dock to see who was in the area for the day!

It wasn't long before several groups of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) were picked up in the Salish Sea! Our coastal waters are so productive that they are able to support a variety of life, including many species of marine mammals. Seals and porpoise's make a large part of the Biggs Orca diet, so the pods often come in to hunt for their favourite prey! 

By the afternoon the whales were very close to Victoria so our passengers got to spend more time on scene!! The whales were still in hunting mode as they foraged throughout the area. Pods are often seen celebrating their success after a meal!

~ Stay tuned for whats next!!

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Sightings Report for June 5th 2018

The day started out cloudy and cold, but the sun came out by late afternoon!! We headed out on BC ORCA and LUNA to discover who was in the area, and it didn't take long before whales were picked up!

A Humpback whale was encountered west of Victoria feeding/resting, and although the whale was taking long dives, our guests had great interactions!! In the afternoon Biggs Orca came into range so we caught up with them as they traveled west, scanning the Salish Sea for potential prey.

~Stay Tuned!! 

Sightings Report for May 7th 2018

Happy Monday, we hope the sunny days continue throughout the week as we head into peak season. Our captains were excited to leave the dock and to see what who was in the area for the day!

It wasn't long before Bigg's orca (mammal eaters) were sighted heading North through Haro Strait! There were several pods working together as the scanned the area for potential prey. The Salish Sea is home to plenty of seals, sea lions, and porpoise, so the orca don't have to look for long before they find something to snack on! Working as a team they are often successful in securing a meal before sharing it with one another. 

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Sightings Report for October 22nd 2017

Last day of the season!! The weather couldn't seem to make up its mind with periods of sun and heavy rain. Captain Russ decided it was best to take BC LUNA, our fully enclosed zodiac, for these conditions and the comfort of our passengers. He could not wait to get on the water to see who was in the area for the last trip of the season!

Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) and humpbacks have been consistently encountered throughout the summer and yesterday was no exception! Captain Russ caught up with both species as they foraged in the Salish Sea, the Biggs Orca were identified as individuals who frequent California.

Thank you to everyone for making this season a great success, and a special thanks to all of our wonderful captains!! There is an element of uncertainty in wildlife adventures and the presence of animals is key. This season there was a very noticeable absence of the Southern Resident Orca population, but we hope to see a rebound of the salmon stocks in years to come so these animals can thrive once again.  We have a lot of respect for these top predators and it is a pleasure to give them value. Our goal is to help people understand their important role in the local ecosystem, while creating unforgettable memories on their adventure!

Next season will begin March 1st 2018!!

Sighting Report for September 20, 2017

Early morning reports of orca were confirmed by the time our morning expeditions had left the dock.  All of our morning adventures headed towards the Juan De Fuca Strait between the southern end of Vancouver Island and mainland Washington state, USA.

All of our guests were thrilled to interact with the T11s (mother and son pod of Bigg's orca), the mammal hunting orca circled around a specific area that suggested they were hunting something close by.

The afternoon trips got to encounter the same pod of orca, as well as, a heap of marine mammal life on Race Rocks ecological reserve.  It was a great day to be on the water.

lets see what happens today on the Salish Sea ~ Stay Tuned!! 

Sighting Report for September 18, 2017

Today was shaping up to be another adventure just waiting to be experienced.  With the sun out from behind the clouds and whale sightings beginning to flood in from various individuals around the local area - we were keen to get out there!

Captain. Gordon and Russ were off heading towards an earlier report that suggested orca were near the American San Juan Islands and that they were.  Our guests got an amazing morning encounter with a pod of Bigg's orca (mammal hunters).  The individuals were the T101's to be exact.

Time to get the boats ready for another day of adventure and fun on the water

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The 109s encountered on September 16, 2017 ~ PC. Capt. Tom

Sightings Report for August 29th 2017

What a beautiful day in Victoria, the sun is shining and the light breeze was just enough for an adventurous ride on the water!! 

Our fleet caught up with Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) as they headed West in the Jua De Fuca Strait! They were hunting and locked onto a harbour seal, our boats got to the scene as they finished their meal.

Our guests had great interactions with several humpback whales that are feeding throughout the Strait, as they came up for breathes and then gave the iconic fluke before a deep dive!

Stay tuned!