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Sightings Report - June 20th 2019

On Thursday afternoon we were lucky enough to catch up with some transients killer whales, the T65As behind Sidney Island. We watched the family zig-zag through the water after which we went to Spieden Island and got to watch some of the unusual residents graze on the cliff side.

**Images captured using a telephoto lens and cropped. All legal and whale wise guidelines are followed during our tours.**

Sightings Report for June 5th 2018

The day started out cloudy and cold, but the sun came out by late afternoon!! We headed out on BC ORCA and LUNA to discover who was in the area, and it didn't take long before whales were picked up!

A Humpback whale was encountered west of Victoria feeding/resting, and although the whale was taking long dives, our guests had great interactions!! In the afternoon Biggs Orca came into range so we caught up with them as they traveled west, scanning the Salish Sea for potential prey.

~Stay Tuned!! 

Sightings Report for May 23 2018

What a beautiful Wednesday, the sun was shining and the skies were clear! In the morning we sent out BC ORCA and BC TIKA, but by the afternoon the wind picked up, so BC LUNA was perfect for keeping everyone dry!! 

It was a day of humpback encounters! Several individuals were seen north of Victoria and were being rather playful. They rolled onto their backs and splashed with their pectoral fins, also showing off their large throat grooves!! We love to see happy whales!!

~Stay tuned!

Sightings Report for May 20 2018

Another week gone, and June is approaching rapidly!!! Peak season is just around the corner, and the large migratory whales are here!

We encountered Humpback whales throughout the day in Haro Strait!! Our afternoon guests got to see them breaching, which is rare in our waters!! They must be eating well if they are happy enough to play!

~Stay tuned for whats next!

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Sightings Report for May 9th 2018

The weather cannot seem to make up its mind with a mix of sun, cloud and rain the past few days. One thing that remains consistent is our captains excitement to get on the water!

This week the Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) have been sighted northeast of Victoria, near Vancouver. A far trip, but nothing our fast zodiacs cant handle!! As advertised, we will extend the trip and go the extra distance to make sure our guests encounter the whales in the area. 

Humpbacks have been encountered feeding throughout the Salish Sea! They arrive here to feed in the summer months and build up their blubber layer for winter. Although Minke whales are not known for their social skills we have also had several interesting encounters with them!

A stop by Race Rocks Ecological Park is always a hit! A cluster of small islands littered with the local pinnipeds. Seals, Sea Lions, Eagles, and often a Sea Otter can be seen lounging and sunning themselves along the rocky shores.

Stay tuned for what we see next!!

Sightings Report for April 23rd 2018

A great start to the week! The sun was shining and the water was calm as Captain Russ headed out of the harbour on BC Tika. Everyone kept their eye out and not long after a pod of Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) were spotted!

As BC Tika arrived on scene the whales were almost out of range, heading North in the Georgia Strait. They were moving fast, scanning the area for other marine mammals as potential prey. After making a kill they shared it with one another, occasionally playing with it in celebration of their success. 

Captain Gordon was on BC Nova for an afternoon tour, and got to encounter a humpback whale! These gentle giants are here to feed on large amounts of small fish, and are known for their large fluke emerging from the water as they descend on a deep dive. 

We cant wait to see whats next, stay tuned!!!

Sightings Report for April 22nd 2018

What a wonderful sunny Sunday, with light winds and calm waters around the Victoria area! Captain Gordon and Russ headed out on BC Tika and BC Luna to see who was in the area for the day! Sadly, no Orca were spotted in the Salish Sea yesterday.  Passengers on BC Tika got to see a Dall's Porpoise, often mistaken for a young orca because of their black and white colouring. 

A Stop by Race Rocks is always a hit! A National Ecological Reserve and popular haul out sight for many pinnipeds, including; Harbour Seals, California and Steller Sea Lions. They can be heard roaring and barking on the rocks directly above a kelp forest. 

Just after Captain Kaegan left on BC Nova for an afternoon trip, a report of a humpback whale came in. The individual was near Vancouver and he decided to go for it!! Our passengers got to encounter this gentle giant as it cruised through Georgia Strait, with the coastal mountains in the skyline! 

Stay tuned for what we encounter next!!

Sightings Report for October 13th 2017

The air is becoming more brisk as we head through October, but with a mix of sun and cloud the conditions have remained great for watching whales. Friday the 13th proved to bring us great encounters!

Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) identified as the T11's were encountered throughout the day as they scanned the Salish Sea for prey. The pod is a mother and son pair seen very frequently in our waters!

Humpback whales are being encountered everyday as they feed and relax in the Juna De Fuca Strait. Captain Gord and his passengers were lucky to have one of these gentle giants breach right near the boat!!!What an incredible and unique experience!!!

Stay tuned for whats next!

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