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BC Whale Tours Range Map

BC Whale Tours Range Map

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+ What are the differences between the boats?

All of our vessels are custom made by Titan Marine and hand designed by the Owner of the BC Whale Tours, Harold. Each vessel has a private washroom and has a maximum capacity of 12 guests per trip. BC LUNA, BC ORCA & BC NOVA all have an inside & outside option, whereas, BC TIKA has only outside seating available.

Our high-end floater suits will be given to guests that wish to emabark on BC TIKA, BC ORCA & BC NOVA, whereas, on BC LUNA no floater suits are required to worn on the tour; however, lifejackets are located on the vessel as per Transport Canada standards.

+ Are there any group discounts?

We do offer discounts for large groups, which come in the form of chartering the whole vessel. To find out more about our group discounts and charter rates please contact the office to talk to one of our amazing guest service agents ~ CONTACT US

+ How far in advance should I book?

we do recommend you book as soon as you can to ensure you book a seat on the tour and vessel that you desire. During our busy summer season (June through till end of September) we do recommend you book a week head of time. We do fill up quite quickly during this period.

+ Are there any age restrictions?

Our open vessel, BC TIKA does have a height requirement of 4 feet (1.2m), which is typically the height of a 5 or 6 year old. For younger individuals we do recommend BC LUNA. BC LUNA is a perfect vessel for young children and older adults.

+ What vessel is ideal for younger children & older adults?

BC LUNA is our floating limousine with the highest safety rating of any vessel in the industry. She is perfect for very young children, older adults.

+ How long are the tours?

Our tours are advertised as a 3 to 4 hour adventure. This sometimes can be longer due to the distance to cover to get to the whales location. Hence our vessels have long range capabilities. We do recommend you come prepared for a potentially longer trip, which includes water and a light snack. Our sunset tours (June to August) are a 2 to 3 hour adventure, as we do leave at 6pm and are limited with time due to daylight hours.

+ What time of day is best for seeing whales?

This is by far one of the most common questions we get and unfortunately it is also basically impossible to predict, as these animals have the capacity to cover large distances in a short period of time. Typically, from mid-May to the end of October we see whales 99% of the time and it is quite rare we do not encounter them on any tour.

However, this is why we have a whale guarantee program ~ where if you DO NOT encounter whales on your first trip with us then you will receive a 20% cash refund and FREE trips via standby to try again.

+ What if I do not see whales?

This is quite rare that we do not see whales, as we are ready and willing to travel incredibly large distances to ensure our guests see whales everytime. However, even though we encounter whales 99% of the time there is the odd occassion we do not see them. If this does occur we have a Whale Guarantee Program, which means that if you DO NOT see whales on your first trip with us then you will receive a 20% CASH REFUND and FREE trip via standby on your next adventure with us. Please note conditions apply For more details check out our Whale Guarantee Page