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Sightings Report for July 16th 2018

What a lovely way to start the week!! The skies were clear and the sun was bringing the heat to the capital region!

We spotted multiple humpbacks feeding in the morning, as well as several pods of Bigg's Killer Whales (mammal eaters) throughout the day. We were very lucky to encounter these mammal-eating orcas as they successfully hunted porpoises. 

Our captains also made a stop at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, which is especially beautiful on a sunny day like today!  A couple of our vessels really lucked out when they stumbled on a grey whale, a rare sight here during this time of year. 

Captain Jim and Captain Kaegan came across some very curious Bigg's Killer Whales again in the afternoon, as well as some more humpback whales, sea lions, otters, and seals. 

After such an awesome day on the water, we're so excited to see what tomorrow brings!!

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Sightings Report for June 26th 2018

It was another sunny day, the wind built into the evening but nothing our vessels cant handle!

Early reports of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) came in before our captains left the dock! The whales were spotted near the mouth of Puget Sound in Washington State. They moved quickly as they foraged their way through the area. 

In the afternoon they were just about out of range but our captains caught up to them! We also got to encounter humpbacks throughout the Juna de Fuca Strait.

~ Stay tuned!!

Sightings report for June 4th 2018

Happy Monday! It was a good start to the week with some sun and light wind, so BC ORCA and TIKA went out to see who was in the Salish Sea for the day!!

In the morning we caught up with several humpback whales foraging/resting south of Georgia Strait. In the afternoon Biggs Orca came into range so BC TIKA went for it! We also frequently encounter all types of other wildlife including seals, sea lions, bald eagles and a range of sea birds!!

~Stay tuned for whats next!!

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Sightings Report for May 27 2018

Another sunny Sunday in the greater Victoria area! Our captains were excited to leave the dock and discover what animals were around for the day!!

We caught up with humpbacks hanging out in the waters south of Victoria. These gentle giants are here to feed in our nutrient rich waters for the summer! They were first spotted near Race Rocks Ecological Park, a chain of islands littered with the local pinnipeds. Being so close, a stop in was a must! Most seals and sea lions bask in the sun along the rocks and are often heard barking at one another.

A pod of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) popped up in the afternoon, so we went for it! That means our passengers got the chance to encounter two different whale species!! Another great day on the water.

~Stay tuned!!

Photo Credit: Tom Mitchell

Photo Credit: Tom Mitchell

Sightings Report for May 16th 2018

Happy Hump Day!! In keeping with the theme we encountered Humpback whales all day. With clear skies and calm winds our captains couldn't wait to leave the docks!!!

The humpback whales are beginning to arrive for the summer to feed on the small zooplankton. They migrate here from Hawaii and Mexico where they breed and calf in the tropical waters.

A stop by Race Rocks Ecological park is always a hit! A popular haul out site for local pinnipeds, including, California and Steller Sea Lions and Harbor Seals. They can be heard barking at each other while competing for space on the rocks. 

~ Stay tuned for whats next!

Photo Credit: Tom Mitchell

Photo Credit: Tom Mitchell

Sightings Report for May 14th 2018

Another sunny day in Victoria, it feels like spring is turning into summer as we gear up for peak whale watching season! 

Our captains were excited to leave the dock, and discover what was going on in the Salish Sea. It wasn't long before they picked up Biggs Orca and Humpback whales, we are so lucky that our local waters can support so much life!!

Orca travel fast, and by the afternoon they were far North of Victoria. Good thing our vessels are faster, and we were able to reach them on our afternoon trips!! A group of guests got to witness several orca chasing a sea lion, although this is something they are good at, the sea lion prevailed. 

~ Stay tuned for what we encounter next!!

Sightings Report for May 12th 2018

Things are heating up in Victoria this weekend! Clear sunny skies bring so much heat, that the cool ocean air is a welcomed relief. We have seen whales everyday this week, but not without the great effort of our great captains and extended range!!

Biggs orca (mammal eaters) move through the area quickly and several pods have been encountered this past week. We are not seeing them every day yet, but their presence is increasing!!! 

Humpback and Minke whales are regularly encountered.  Both species of baleen whales are here to take advantage of the zooplankton and bait fish in the water! The Salish Sea is so rich with nutrients that it can also support an ecosystem of many other marine mammals including; seals sea lions, otters, porpoise and dolphins!

Stay tuned for what we encounter next!!

Sightings Report for May 5th 2018

We are beginning to gear up for peak season, and the first week of May has come and gone quickly!!! With several days of sun and favorable wind conditions, BC Tika and Orca have spent a lot of time on the water. Recently we have seen several humpbacks, a curious minke whale and plenty of seals and sea lions!

Yesterday Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) where encountered throughout the day, as they scanned the area for prey. They were sighted early in the morning heading north through Puget Sound, and soon they were in range. Captain Russ hung out with them on the morning tour, but on the way home he picked up a second pod! Way to go Captain!

Stay tuned for what we encounter next!