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Sightings Report for May 14th 2018

Another sunny day in Victoria, it feels like spring is turning into summer as we gear up for peak whale watching season! 

Our captains were excited to leave the dock, and discover what was going on in the Salish Sea. It wasn't long before they picked up Biggs Orca and Humpback whales, we are so lucky that our local waters can support so much life!!

Orca travel fast, and by the afternoon they were far North of Victoria. Good thing our vessels are faster, and we were able to reach them on our afternoon trips!! A group of guests got to witness several orca chasing a sea lion, although this is something they are good at, the sea lion prevailed. 

~ Stay tuned for what we encounter next!!

Sightings Report for May 12th 2018

Things are heating up in Victoria this weekend! Clear sunny skies bring so much heat, that the cool ocean air is a welcomed relief. We have seen whales everyday this week, but not without the great effort of our great captains and extended range!!

Biggs orca (mammal eaters) move through the area quickly and several pods have been encountered this past week. We are not seeing them every day yet, but their presence is increasing!!! 

Humpback and Minke whales are regularly encountered.  Both species of baleen whales are here to take advantage of the zooplankton and bait fish in the water! The Salish Sea is so rich with nutrients that it can also support an ecosystem of many other marine mammals including; seals sea lions, otters, porpoise and dolphins!

Stay tuned for what we encounter next!!

Sightings Report for May 9th 2018

The weather cannot seem to make up its mind with a mix of sun, cloud and rain the past few days. One thing that remains consistent is our captains excitement to get on the water!

This week the Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) have been sighted northeast of Victoria, near Vancouver. A far trip, but nothing our fast zodiacs cant handle!! As advertised, we will extend the trip and go the extra distance to make sure our guests encounter the whales in the area. 

Humpbacks have been encountered feeding throughout the Salish Sea! They arrive here to feed in the summer months and build up their blubber layer for winter. Although Minke whales are not known for their social skills we have also had several interesting encounters with them!

A stop by Race Rocks Ecological Park is always a hit! A cluster of small islands littered with the local pinnipeds. Seals, Sea Lions, Eagles, and often a Sea Otter can be seen lounging and sunning themselves along the rocky shores.

Stay tuned for what we see next!!

Sightings Report for April 27th 2018

It was another sunny in the greater Victoria area! The winds built up throughout the day, so we only sent out a morning tour. The amazing captain Russ headed out on BC Luna to discover who was in the Salish Sea for the day!

Several pods of Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) were encountered near Saturna Island. They often scan the channels looking for prey, and yesterday was no exception! After they were successful they shared their kill as a family unit. Seals, Sea Lions and Bald Eagles were also encountered throughout the trip. The local pinnipeds will often rest at the surface of the water and quickly submerge themselves when startled!

Stay tuned for whats next!!

Sightings Report for April 21st

We have been very fortunate to consistently encounter Bigg's orca throughout the week!! Although peak season does not start until June, there have been several pods sighted in the area.

The Salish Sea is a nutrient rich up-welling zone of the Pacific Coast, able to support a variety of marine life. Due to the plentiful food supply the seal population has been exploding, and in turn attracting more Bigg's orca (mammal eaters) to the area to capitalize on their favorite prey!

Yesterday, the amazing Captain Russ encountered two humpbacks for the first time this season!!! These large migratory baleen whales (filter feeders) often begin to arrive in May, and stay throughout the summer. Humpbacks come to feed on the high abundance of zooplankton within the Juan De Fuca Strait, and are sometimes seen with their young calves.

This season we are pleased to offer a 20% local discount and a 10% military discount! Stay tuned for what we encounter next!

Sightings Report for April 8th 2018

Weather conditions have been touch and go this week. We managed to get out on the water Saturday with BC Luna. She is our floating limousine and perfect for rocky conditions!

On Sunday the winds were very calm, with periods of sun coming through the heavy cloud cover. With much better conditions we were able to get three tours out!

Captain Russ and Gordon caught up with the transient orcas (mammal eating) hanging out near Sydney. Their presence has intensified in the Salish Sea as seal populations increase! That means good eating for the whole pod and happy whales!

Stay tuned for whats next!

Sightings Report for October 22nd 2017

Last day of the season!! The weather couldn't seem to make up its mind with periods of sun and heavy rain. Captain Russ decided it was best to take BC LUNA, our fully enclosed zodiac, for these conditions and the comfort of our passengers. He could not wait to get on the water to see who was in the area for the last trip of the season!

Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) and humpbacks have been consistently encountered throughout the summer and yesterday was no exception! Captain Russ caught up with both species as they foraged in the Salish Sea, the Biggs Orca were identified as individuals who frequent California.

Thank you to everyone for making this season a great success, and a special thanks to all of our wonderful captains!! There is an element of uncertainty in wildlife adventures and the presence of animals is key. This season there was a very noticeable absence of the Southern Resident Orca population, but we hope to see a rebound of the salmon stocks in years to come so these animals can thrive once again.  We have a lot of respect for these top predators and it is a pleasure to give them value. Our goal is to help people understand their important role in the local ecosystem, while creating unforgettable memories on their adventure!

Next season will begin March 1st 2018!!

Sightings Report for October 15th 2017

It was a great sunny Sunday in Victoria yesterday! There were reports of cetaceans in the area before captain Russ left the dock, making him very eager to start the day! 

Both orca and humpback whales were encountered throughout the day! In the morning a pod of California Transient orca were spotted hunting in the Juna De Fuca Strait! This was a very unique and rare sighting, because like their name suggests they are often found off the coast of California! A lot of humpback whales are still around feeding and relaxing in the local waters, its always great to encounter these gentle giants!

In the afternoon Captain Russ went East to catch up with more humpbacks and the Resident Orcas (salmon eaters) identified as J pod!! They have not been around a lot this season due to a shortage of prey, so it is great to see them back!

Stay tuned!

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