What have we been up to?


Come have a peek at our latest photos and videos from recent adventures. 

BC Whale Tours' reputation as one of the leading companies to be utilized by film and production crews is quickly becoming recognized both at home and abroad. Domestic and International Film & TV production companies have praised our professionalism, understanding and flexibility, which is required when filming on location and in particular on the ocean with wild animals.  

The video clips are from third-party independent film productions that have used BC Whale Tours as their prime choice operator when it comes to responsible whale interaction specialists.

CBBC - Naomi's Nightmare of Nature joined one of our Whale Whisperers - Capt. Jim.  Check out their adventure!!

We were lucky enough to have Nigel Marven join us on a trip to encounter our Bigg's Killer Whales attacking a large adult sea lion.

The Zone from YTV joined Capt. Gordon on a whale watching trip to learn about our Southern Resident Orca population.