Sightings Report for October 15th 2017

It was a great sunny Sunday in Victoria yesterday! There were reports of cetaceans in the area before captain Russ left the dock, making him very eager to start the day! 

Both orca and humpback whales were encountered throughout the day! In the morning a pod of California Transient orca were spotted hunting in the Juna De Fuca Strait! This was a very unique and rare sighting, because like their name suggests they are often found off the coast of California! A lot of humpback whales are still around feeding and relaxing in the local waters, its always great to encounter these gentle giants!

In the afternoon Captain Russ went East to catch up with more humpbacks and the Resident Orcas (salmon eaters) identified as J pod!! They have not been around a lot this season due to a shortage of prey, so it is great to see them back!

Stay tuned!

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