Sightings Report for July 18th 2018

The winds were up yesterday,  building to 21 knots by late afternoon! Luckily our vessels are designed to handle bumpy water conditions, and experienced captains to operate them!!

Our fleet headed east of Victoria to catch up with individuals of J and K pod of the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population!! They were spread out near the San Juan Islands fishing for their main prey item, Chinook Salmon!! 

Humpback whales were also encountered throughout the day! They were friendly and seemed to enjoy the wavy conditions!

~ Stay tuned for whats next!!

Capt Tom
Sightings Report for July 17th 2018

Another great day on the Salish Sea!! The region is going through a heat wave, so we've had the pleasure of clear sunny skies this past week! Yesterday the wind picked up into the afternoon, building to 15 knots. Good thing our vessels are designed to move through lively seas! 

Reports of whales came in before our Captains left the dock, so they were excited to get out there!! The fleet encountered Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) in Washington waters! Several groups were seen socializing by tail slapping, cartwheeling and breaching!!!

Humpback whales were also encountered throughout the day. There are dozens of individuals currently here to feed in the strong upwelling currents of our coast! They are always a hit, and known for their iconic fluke as they dive!!

~Stay tuned!!

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Capt Tom
Sightings Report for July 16th 2018

What a lovely way to start the week!! The skies were clear and the sun was bringing the heat to the capital region!

We spotted multiple humpbacks feeding in the morning, as well as several pods of Bigg's Killer Whales (mammal eaters) throughout the day. We were very lucky to encounter these mammal-eating orcas as they successfully hunted porpoises. 

Our captains also made a stop at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, which is especially beautiful on a sunny day like today!  A couple of our vessels really lucked out when they stumbled on a grey whale, a rare sight here during this time of year. 

Captain Jim and Captain Kaegan came across some very curious Bigg's Killer Whales again in the afternoon, as well as some more humpback whales, sea lions, otters, and seals. 

After such an awesome day on the water, we're so excited to see what tomorrow brings!!

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Sightings Report for July 15th 2018

The season is flying by, as we officially hit the middle of the month! It was a scorching hot day in Victoria, with temperatures in the high 20's! Our sightings have been incredible lately, and our captains could not wait to get on the water!!

Our fleet headed out West in the morning to hang out with K pod of the Southern Resident orca population. They were spread out fishing for Chinook Salmon as they left the Salish Sea, we hope they are catching enough food! 

In the afternoon we caught up with Biggs Orca (mammal eaters)! They were also encountered foraging, only they work as a team to catch their prey! Once they have finished their meal they often celebrate by breaching, tail slapping, and socializing!! Humpback whales frequent our waters for the same reason as the orca; food!!! They were encountered foraging throughout the area, and having a relaxing Sunday.

We are so lucky our nutrient rich water can support so much life!!

~Stay tuned for whats next!!

Female mid porpoise, clear shot, right side.jpg
Capt Tom
Sightings Report for July 14th 2018

Happy Saturday!!! Another day with incredible whale watching conditions!!

This is the second day that we caught up with the Southern Resident Orcas (salmon eaters)!! They were first spotted off of Clover Point, right here in Victoria!! We love when they are close to home! They were encountered fishing and socializing off the San Juan Islands into the evening! We hope they are finding the food the need to survive!!

Humpback whales are still foraging throughout the Juan de Fuca Strait, and were also encountered throughout the day! They were relaxed and feeding on the small zooplankton found in our nutrient rich waters! 

~ Stay tuned!!

Capt Tom
Sightings Report for July 12th 2018

Another calm, sunny day in the capital region!! Our captains were excited to get on the water to see who was in the area for the day!!

The Southern Resident killer whales (salmon eaters) are back!!! It has been a few weeks and we hope they find the food they need to stay awhile! Individuals from all three southern resident pods were identified!!!! They were encountered throughout the day fishing and socializing around the San Juan Islands! 

There are dozens of humpbacks feeding in the Juan de Fuca Strait right now! They migrate here in the summer to feed on the large amounts of krill and zooplankton. Deep nutrient rich water upwells into the Salish Sea and keeps our waters swimming with life (literally)!! These gentle giants are always a pleasure to encounter, and are often friendly!!

~ Stay tuned!!

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Capt Tom
Sightings Report for July 11 2018

Happy hump day!!! What a beautiful day to be on the water! The sun was shining with calm winds all day! 

In keeping with the theme, our fleet caught up with some breaching humpbacks through the Juan De Fuca Strait!! They are here for the summer to feed on small plankton, abundant in these waters. They are thought to breach as a way of communication, as there is a loud noise created when their bodies hit the surface of the water. There was approximately 10 individuals in the area, with a mother and calf pair!

A stop by Race Rocks Ecological reserve is always a treat! A small chain of islands littered with local pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) sunning themselves on the shorelines! They are often heard barking at one another, competing for space.

~ Stay Tuned!!

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Sightings Report for July 10 2018

The morning was sunny and calm, but the wind picked up into the afternoon. Luckily our zodiacs are built to handle rough seas! 

Reports of whales came in before the captains left the dock! A pod of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) were picked up right off of Oak Bay, we love when they are close to home! When our fleet arrived on scene they were swimming at a slow relaxed pace. This could be an indication of sleepy whales! We also caught up with friendly humpback whales that were foraging throughout the Salish Sea. Several individuals came in close to take a peak at our passengers!

In the afternoon our captains headed north to catch up with the same group of Biggs Orca from the morning! This time they were moving very quickly, perhaps scanning the area for prey!! Nothing better than a snack after a nap! We encountered humpbacks in the afternoon again as well, but this time several individuals breached!!!! Seeing happy whales never gets old!

~ Stay tuned!! 

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Capt Tom