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Sightings Report - April 13th 2019

Whale hello! We have had the absolute pleasure of viewing both transient and resident killer whales for the past few weeks now. While the season is just underway, we have been viewing some great action out on the water! Recently our guests encountered transient killer whales feasting on harbour seals!

We are looking forward to making your whale watching dreams come true for the 2019 season! Stay tuned for a lot more incredible sightings and make sure to come out with us to see the beauty for yourself.

-BC Whale Tours Crew

Sightings Report for June 21st 2018

It has been a hot week in the Victoria area, with the winds picking up into the next few days! There are so many whales in the area that its basically whale soup!

The Southern Resident Orca (salmon eaters) have stuck around and we have had the chance to interact with J and L pod as they forage along the San Juan Islands! They have been very active and social, often breaching and slapping the surface wit their fins. The winds picked up into our afternoon tours so our passengers were in for a roller-coaster ride! Luckily our boats handle rough seas well and everyone had a great time!

~ Stay Tuned!

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Sightings Report for June 6th 2018

What a perfect day for whale watching!!! The sun was shining and the water was flat calm as BC TIKA & ORCA headed off the dock. We had our first sunset trip yesterday, and whales all day long!!!

Reports of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) came in early, so our fleet caught up with them as they headed west towards Victoria. They were identified as the T124A's, consisting of a matriarch and her five calves!! Our passengers got to encounter them all day long as they actively scanned and successfully foraged through the Salish Sea! 

~Stay tuned!!

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Sightings Report for May 21 2018

Happy Victoria Day!! The day started with a lot of cloud cover but by early afternoon the sun was out and the skies were clear. Lucky for us, Bigg's Orca were in range all day!

Captain Jim headed out on BC TIKA for a morning tour, excited to see who was in the area for the day. It wasn't long before a pod of Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) were sighted northeast of Victoria!! They were heading towards us so we knew our second tour would be able to catch up with them as well. In the afternoon our guests got treated to a multiple whale species tour, and saw a feeding Humpback on their way back to the harbor!!

~ Stay tuned!!!

Photo Credit: Tom Mitchell

Photo Credit: Tom Mitchell

Sightings Report for May 9th 2018

The weather cannot seem to make up its mind with a mix of sun, cloud and rain the past few days. One thing that remains consistent is our captains excitement to get on the water!

This week the Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) have been sighted northeast of Victoria, near Vancouver. A far trip, but nothing our fast zodiacs cant handle!! As advertised, we will extend the trip and go the extra distance to make sure our guests encounter the whales in the area. 

Humpbacks have been encountered feeding throughout the Salish Sea! They arrive here to feed in the summer months and build up their blubber layer for winter. Although Minke whales are not known for their social skills we have also had several interesting encounters with them!

A stop by Race Rocks Ecological Park is always a hit! A cluster of small islands littered with the local pinnipeds. Seals, Sea Lions, Eagles, and often a Sea Otter can be seen lounging and sunning themselves along the rocky shores.

Stay tuned for what we see next!!

Sightings Report for May 7th 2018

Happy Monday, we hope the sunny days continue throughout the week as we head into peak season. Our captains were excited to leave the dock and to see what who was in the area for the day!

It wasn't long before Bigg's orca (mammal eaters) were sighted heading North through Haro Strait! There were several pods working together as the scanned the area for potential prey. The Salish Sea is home to plenty of seals, sea lions, and porpoise, so the orca don't have to look for long before they find something to snack on! Working as a team they are often successful in securing a meal before sharing it with one another. 

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Sightings Report for April 28th 2018

After a warm and sunny week, the rain is back! Fortunately, the whales are already wet and the wind was calm! Sightings were reported northeast of Victoria, very close to Vancouver. It was a long trip, but thats what our zodiacs were built for and our Captains were able to catch up with the whales! 

The reports of Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) came in just before Captain Russ and Kaegan left the dock!! As they arrived on scene the orcas were seen scanning the area for prey, often speeding up in burst's to catch their meal. Most of their feeding takes place underwater, but splashes at the surface indicate their success.  

Stay tuned for what we encounter next!

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Sightings Report for April 8th 2018

Weather conditions have been touch and go this week. We managed to get out on the water Saturday with BC Luna. She is our floating limousine and perfect for rocky conditions!

On Sunday the winds were very calm, with periods of sun coming through the heavy cloud cover. With much better conditions we were able to get three tours out!

Captain Russ and Gordon caught up with the transient orcas (mammal eating) hanging out near Sydney. Their presence has intensified in the Salish Sea as seal populations increase! That means good eating for the whole pod and happy whales!

Stay tuned for whats next!