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Sighting Report for September 20, 2017

Early morning reports of orca were confirmed by the time our morning expeditions had left the dock.  All of our morning adventures headed towards the Juan De Fuca Strait between the southern end of Vancouver Island and mainland Washington state, USA.

All of our guests were thrilled to interact with the T11s (mother and son pod of Bigg's orca), the mammal hunting orca circled around a specific area that suggested they were hunting something close by.

The afternoon trips got to encounter the same pod of orca, as well as, a heap of marine mammal life on Race Rocks ecological reserve.  It was a great day to be on the water.

lets see what happens today on the Salish Sea ~ Stay Tuned!! 

Sightings Report for September 17th 2017

With rain and clouds in the area for the day it was quiet in the inner harbour, but there was plenty of the action taking place in the waters surrounding the capital city! Our fleet caught up with several species of cetaceans throughout the day as they searched for their choice prey in the Salish Sea!

A few pods of Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) were encountered hunting and scanning the coastline! These large animals need to eat frequently to meet their metabolic needs, because they are looking for other marine mammals they need to stay quiet and stealth while hunting. Luckily they are great at what they do and were seen eating several meals throughout the day! The whales also became curious about us and were seen "spy hopping" (in the picture below), they do this by sticking their heads out of the water to look at their surroundings!

Humpback whales are still here feeding on the many schools of bait fish and krill in the Juna De Fuca Strait! Their large mouths lined with rows of baleen is perfect for trapping large amounts of prey and filtering out the water.

Stay tuned for what we encounter this week!

Sightings Report for July 15, 2017!

What a brilliant day on the water!! The sun was out and the wind was calm as the captains set out to see what kind of action was taking place in the waters around Victoria. 

Biggs orca are still in the area feeding and enjoying the increase in prey availability this season! Our fleet caught up with a pod near the San Juan Islands as they zeroed in on their prey, while teaching their calves to hunt. After successfully making a kill and enjoying a snack Captain Tom dropped the hydrophone in the water to hear them vocalize as the celebrated their meal, leaving our guests in awe at their beauty and power. 

Stay tuned for what we encounter today!

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Sighting Report for July 11, 2017!

Another great day on the water with calmer seas and numerous different pods of Bigg's orca (mammal hunters) in the area.

Our morning expeditions got to encounter the T101's, which consist of a 44 year old female and her two sons, whom are in the early 20's.

The afternoon tours got to encounter a large group of Bigg's orca, as well as, a few individual humpback whales close to the waterfront of Victoria.

Its another amazing day on the west coast today ~ stay tuned to see what we encounter today!!

Sighting Report for July 10, 2017

From the wind forecast we were again expecting a more adventurous day on the water.  Our guests on the morning expeditions were excited and pumped to see what we would encounter.  Shortly after pushing off the dock we received reports of a large group of orca Southeast of Victoria.   Our morning trips eagerly headed that way and were stoked to encounter a large group of Bigg's orca (mammal hunters).

The wind did pick up quite extensively in the afternoon, which did limit our ability to re-encounter the orca, as they were located in the rougher waters.  However, our tours did pickup a couple of interactive humpback whales close to Victoria.

Once again we did have to cancel our sunset cruise expeditions due to the high winds and water surface conditions, which we deemed to be too unsafe for our guests.

Another successful yet adventurous day on the water in the Pacific Northwest.  

Stay tuned to see what happens on the water today!

Sighting Report for July 8, 2017!!

This morning we had calm seas and sunshine! As well as that we also had early rumoured reports of orca right off the Victoria waterfront.  It appeared to be quite a few Bigg's orca (mammal hunters) socializing and frolicking on the surface, which wowed all of our guests on board.

The afternoon was just as much fun with great orca and humpback encounters.  Unfortunately, the wind did pick right up once again in the early evening, which resulted in us having to cancel the sunset cruise.  It always breaks our hearts when we have to cancel due to weather conditions.

Our first priority on the water is always Safety and Comfort.  

Today is looking not as windy and we are looking forward to getting on the water! Stay Tuned!!

Sighting Report for July 5, 2017!!!

Low winds and sunshine made for an incredible day on the water, and the amount of encounters prove that it is peak season! Captain Jim, Russ, Gordon, Tom, and Kaegan, caught up with three species of cetaceans; including Biggs Orca, Humpback, and Gray whales!

Gray Whales were spotted in the Juan de Fuca Strait as they rested from their long migration from the Southern Pacific. Gray Whales are a rare sight in the Salish Sea as they are more common along the west side of Vancouver Island, often seen feeding in small bays on their way to the Bering Sea.

The Biggs orcas are still in the area as they search for food and socialize in the waters around Victoria. The large population of other marine mammals in the area provides great opportunity for the pods to hunt successfully!

Last but not least, our captains encountered several Humpback whales as they continued to rest and feed!

Stay tuned for what our captains encounter next!

Sighting Report July 3, 2017!

The wind calmed down a huge amount, which we all breathed a slight sigh of relief.  The morning expeditions headed out with rumoured reports of humpback whales in Haro Strait.  After a few brief encounters with a large humpback whale our morning adventures got word of a "schwack load" of orca south of Lopez Island heading North East.  

There were 3 different pods of Bigg's orca (mammal hunters) socializing and hunting; displaying a heap of surface behaviour, which was incredible. T65a's, T49a's & T75b's all grouped up and traveling together and foraging for tasty harbour seals and other marine mammals as they headed north in the San Juan Channel.

The afternoon and evening sunset cruises got to encounter very similar sights as another successful day on the water for BC Whale Tours and all of our adventurers.

Bring on today ~ stay tuned to see what we encounter on todays expeditions