Sightings Report for April 21st

We have been very fortunate to consistently encounter Bigg's orca throughout the week!! Although peak season does not start until June, there have been several pods sighted in the area.

The Salish Sea is a nutrient rich up-welling zone of the Pacific Coast, able to support a variety of marine life. Due to the plentiful food supply the seal population has been exploding, and in turn attracting more Bigg's orca (mammal eaters) to the area to capitalize on their favorite prey!

Yesterday, the amazing Captain Russ encountered two humpbacks for the first time this season!!! These large migratory baleen whales (filter feeders) often begin to arrive in May, and stay throughout the summer. Humpbacks come to feed on the high abundance of zooplankton within the Juan De Fuca Strait, and are sometimes seen with their young calves.

This season we are pleased to offer a 20% local discount and a 10% military discount! Stay tuned for what we encounter next!