Sightings Report for May 9th 2018

The weather cannot seem to make up its mind with a mix of sun, cloud and rain the past few days. One thing that remains consistent is our captains excitement to get on the water!

This week the Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) have been sighted northeast of Victoria, near Vancouver. A far trip, but nothing our fast zodiacs cant handle!! As advertised, we will extend the trip and go the extra distance to make sure our guests encounter the whales in the area. 

Humpbacks have been encountered feeding throughout the Salish Sea! They arrive here to feed in the summer months and build up their blubber layer for winter. Although Minke whales are not known for their social skills we have also had several interesting encounters with them!

A stop by Race Rocks Ecological Park is always a hit! A cluster of small islands littered with the local pinnipeds. Seals, Sea Lions, Eagles, and often a Sea Otter can be seen lounging and sunning themselves along the rocky shores.

Stay tuned for what we see next!!