Sightings Report for August 3rd 2017

A calm and sunny day is what we love best! The smooth water makes it very easy for the captains to spot the whales as they come to the surface to breathe!

L pod of the Southern Resident Orcas came through the Juna De Fuca Strait in search for their preferred prey, Chinook Salmon! They are known to frequent the Salish Sea in the summer, and are often encountered near the San Juan Islands in US waters. They were great to interact with as they socialized and searched for food! 

The friendly Humpback whales have been a hit with the guests! Mother and calf pairings seem to be quite friendly and playful, as they often to come and check out the vessels. Our guests have been getting great photos and videos of the close encounters! 

Stay tuned for what we encounter next!!