Sightings Report for August 4th 2017

Hazy skies again today, as smoke continues to pass over Vancouver Island. Although windy days would be ideal to push the smoke out of the area, the calm winds keep the water flat giving our guests smooth rides!!

L pod of the Residental Orca ecotype (salmon eaters) were still in the Salish Sea searching for and feeding on Salmon. Our fleet caught up with them throughout the day, and by late afternoon the whales were headed back out to the open Pacific, we hope to see them again soon!

The friendly Humpbacks are still around feeding and relaxing in the Juna De Fuca Strait. It is great to see the population increase, as mother and calves are often encountered!

A stop by Race Rocks Ecological Reserve is always a hit! It is a popular haul out site for the local pinnipeds like seals, and sea lions! Every once in awhile we also get to see the local sea otter who hangs out in the kelp forest near the rocks.

Stay tuned for what we spot this weekend!

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