Sightings Report for August 2nd 2017

The heat is intense, the water was calm, and to top if off we had sightings of Orca whales for the first time in awhile!

The Biggs are back!!! Our fleet caught up with several pods of Biggs killer whales (mammal eaters) throughout the day as they searched for prey, socialized, and relaxed in the Salish Sea. After being absent for over a week it is good to have them back in the area!!

Humpbacks are still around and friendly as ever! They have been giving our guests incredible interactions as they surface and splash around the boat, they seem to want to watch us as well!

Two illusive Minke whales were spotted by a guest on an afternoon trip, and although these whales are usually shy, they came close and gracefully moved through the water near the boat, giving our guests a unique interaction with these rarely seen cetaceans. 

Stay tuned for whats next!!