Sightings Report for August 23rd 2017

What a brilliant day on the water!! The sun was out, with light winds as the captains set out to see what kind of action was taking place in the waters around Victoria.

Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) are still in the area enjoying the prey options that the Salish Sea has to offer, including; seals, porpoise, and sea lions! The whales work together to locate and take down their prey, and then share their meal as a pod/family!

Race Rocks Ecological Reserve is a great place to stop by and see the local pinnipeds. This small chain of islands is an important haul out sight for seals and sea lions to rest and sun themselves. They can often be heard "barking" and "roaring" at one another as they interact and compete for space on the rocks. 

Stay tuned for what we encounter today!!