Sightings Report for August 17 2017

Clear and sunny skies brought the heat, but the cool breeze made it an ideal day in Victoria yesterday!! Reports of sightings before our fleet left the dock made our captains eager to take on the day!

The Salish Sea was littered with pods of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters), as they scanned the area for prey. Some pods were seen socializing by breaching, tail lobbing, and splashing the surface with their pectoral fin. Others were encountered "sleeping" in a tight group, while resting one side of their brains at a time. 

A single humpback whale was spotted near Race Rocks Ecological Park where the local pinipeds hang out! There are several species of Sea Lions in the area during this time of year, both Steller and Californian. Mostly consisting of males who come here to summer while the females go to rookeries to give birth to their pups!

Unfortunately the passengers on our sunset tour had to be rescheduled/cancelled because of increasing winds and decreasing water conditions. 

Stay tuned!