Sightings Report for August 16th 2017

A beautiful sunny day in Victoria's downtown harbour, with increasing winds throughout the day. Our fleet caught up with several species of cetaceans in our local waters, including Biggs Orca and Humpbacks! 

Several pods of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) were encountered throughout the Salish Sea socializing and scanning the water for prey! Captain Jim and his passengers had a great interaction with a pod as they passed under the boat to check them out, one individual was even upside down showing her belly! 

Several Humpback whales were also encountered relaxing and feeding in the Juna De Fuca Strait, most likely trying to stay quiet and undetected so the orca's would not bother them.

A stop at Race Rocks to see the local pinnipeds sun bathe on the rocks, and wiggle into the water is always a hit! The rocks are constantly littered with seals and sea lions socializing, relaxing, and can often been heard "barking" at one another.

Stay tuned for whats next!!