Sightings Report for August 14th 2017

The mix of sun and cloudy skies made it beautiful in the downtown harbour. But the low winds made it an incredible day for sighting local cetaceans as they came to the surface to breathe in the waters around Victoria!

Our Captains caught up with several Biggs Orca pods throughout the day! In the morning a pod was first sighted hunting in Race Rocks Ecological park, identified as the T55's. This is a perfect spot for them to find one of their favourite prey items; seals!! Another pod was picked up south of Victoria in US waters, they were tight knit pod of females identified as the T37's.

A humpback whale was also spotted relaxing in the Strait, it remained low key and went on long dives to evade the mammal eating orcas present.

What an incredible way to start the week off! Stay tuned for what we encounter next!!