Sightings Report - August 27th 2019

Sunday morning was spent with the T10s, a mother and son duo, and over a dozen humpback whales in the Juan De Fuca Straight.

The T10s were once a group of 4, consisting of mom T10 and her 3 sons T10A, T10B, and T10C. Sadly, T10A disappeared in 2002, and T10B disappeared in 2017. T10, who is an estimated 55 years old, has now gone through menopause and will not have anymore offspring. T10C being her only offspring left, they are incredibly closet.

After leaving the T10s to continue their course west off Sooke, we entered humpback land! A trio consisting of MMZ0020, MMX0096, and MMY0074 surprised us as they popped up right off our port side! MMY0074 specifically took interest in us as he rolled over while going beneath us.

Capt Tom