Sightings Report - July 5th 2019

On July 5th we saw the T34s, T37Bs and T77A traveling off Dungeness Harbor.

Cloudy skies and calm waters create such a beautiful, calming atmosphere while watching whales. These Biggs killer whales were traveling with a very young calf. The calf was spotted less than a month ago, and it is still not clear who the mother is! He/she bounced between swimming alongside T34, T34A, and T37B.

As the females and calves traveled together, T77A, a lone male who occasionally travels with different families, stayed close to the Graveyard Spit as he made his way in the same direction.

After spending time with the Biggs in the east, we headed west to Race Rocks. On the way, we came upon two humpback whales going in circles and feeding. At Race Rocks, we got a good look at a giant Steller Sea Lion and a dozen harbor seals resting.

Sunshine isn't always necessary for amazing trips to view wildlife!

Capt Tom