Sightings Report for August 27th 2018

The sun is back!! The skies were blue and the water was calm to begin the last week of August. It was whale soup out there and we had the pleasure of encountering Orca and Humpback whales throughout the day.

Several pods of Biggs orca were within our range and lucky for us a large group was close. The T65As and T30s were picked up near Race Rocks Ecological Park, the two families were traveling west through the Strait. By afternoon they were scanning the coast line for potential prey, such as, seals and harbour porpoise! 

Its always a pleasure to encounter the many feeding humpbacks in the Salish Sea! Here to build a thick blubber layer before they migrate back to their breeding grounds in Mexico and Hawaii. 

Race Rocks Ecological park is still full of barking Stellar Sea Lions, and small harbour Seals. Olie the Sea Otter is sometimes seen wrapped up in the kelp beds taking a nap.

~ Stay tuned for whats next!

Capt Tom