Sighting Report for June 24, 2017

What an amazing and hot day to be on the water!!! Our morning and afternoon tours were blessed with some incredible humpback whale encounters on water without a ripple in sight.  All of the guests were blown away by the interactions.  As well as, the large Northern elephant seals they encountered at Race Rocks ecological reserve with a few of the males sparring with one another in full view of our vessels.

The sunset cruise was a tad different - again beautiful humpbacks encounters on calm sea surfaces BUT half way through they got to witness all of the members of L Pod!!  That is right! The sunset cruise got to encounter orca from our Southern Resident population - 35 orca coming in from the west in the Juan De Fuca Strait.

MIND BLOWN!! Capt. Jim Z (21 year veteran guide in the BC waters) claimed it to be one of the trips of his season, which is a statement he never announces easily.  That is life on the water some days people ~ at the end of the day it is like winning the lottery... buy a ticket and sometimes you are lucky beyond belief.

Lets hope L Pod stay around for a while and today our guests get to WIN once again with memorable orca encounters.

Sightings Report for June 21st, 2017

After a 2 day dry spell we finally caught up with some Biggs (Transient) Killer Whales today! It was a bit of a run as we have to head all the way south towards the entrance of Puget Sound but it was totally worth the journey as Killer Whales are of course our highest priority!

A little bit of a bumpy ride home with the westerly winds coming into the sound from offshore but nothing our state-of-the-art vessels and Capt. Jim/Capt. Gordon couldn't handle! 

Capt Tom
Sighting Report for June 20 2017

Although the windy conditions blew the cloud cover out of the area bringing sunny skies, it made for rough waters as Captain Jim, Gord, and Miles set out on the morning tours. All boats went North to encounter a surprising number of Humpback whales, where several individuals were seen breaching, and tail slapping at the surface. This behavior is not often observed in these waters, but is thought to be a way of communication and social behavior between individuals. The impact of their large bodies and limbs is great for making loud sounds that radiate through the water quickly and over long distances.

Unfortunately our afternoon tours had to be rescheduled or cancelled due to the increasing winds and deteriorating water conditions.

Capt Tom
Sightings Report for June 19, 2017

Calm seas and cloudy skies brought another great day for whale watching!

Our morning trips got to observe a Biggs orca (mammal eaters) pod as they made their way West toward the open Pacific. Several Humpback whales were also observed lunge feeding and breaching above the surface, both unique sights in these waters. 

As Captain Gordon, Russ, and Kaegan headed out for the afternoon trips, they once again caught up with the lively Humpbacks as they continued to feed in a group of six. The whales were foraging close together and the grunts that the individuals let out could indicate their efforts of working together to corner their prey. They were seen foraging and resting into the evening as our sunset tour headed out to finish off another successful day on the Salish Sea.

Stay tuned as we head into another week of excitement on the water! 

Sighting Report for June 18, 2017

Despite the rain and cold weather it was a great day on the Salish Sea with reported sightings even before Captain Russ and Gordon left the dock!

A pod of transient (mammal eaters) orcas was encountered near Hein Bank, South East of Victoria working together to kill and consume a seal.  

A Humpback whale was spotted lunge feeding by gaping its mouth and thrusting itself to the surface, which is a technique used when foraging on small plankton species such as krill. Guests on BC TIKA were lucky to encounter this unique behavior so close up as the whale was feasting beside the boat!

Join us to see what adventures today brings!

Sighting Report for June 17, 2017

With calm waters and mild temperatures our guests got the privilege to encounter both types of orca whales that inhabit the area! Biggs orcas (mammal eaters) were spotted in the San Juan channel sharing a meal and socializing.

Members of L pod, salmon eating Resident orcas,  were in the False Bay area feeding and interacting with each other. Additionally guests got the pleasure of witnessing a sea lion feeding on a skate. 

Stay tuned for what we encounter today!

Capt Tom
Sighting Report for June 16, 2017

The sun was back and wind was down!! That is what we consider a great start when it comes to marine expeditions on the ocean.  Before our experienced skippers Jim Z & Russ had even pushed off the dock with their eager adventurers.  Rumours of Bigg's orca up towards the North end of Galiano Island and more Bigg's orca sighted in Rosario Strait on the American side.  However, just as they were heading out of the harbour we had another confirmed report of many orca coming in from the west in the Juan De Fuca, which suggests possible Resident orca heading towards Victoria, BC

Our trips headed west to encounter members of L pod!!! The reports determined that all members of L pod were present except for the members of the L12s.

The afternoon adventure got to encounter members of L pod too, which were incredibly close to the waterfront of Victoria.  

The evening cruises got to encounter members of L pod once again with an amazing sunset developing over head.  With Fridays like this bring on the weekend!!!

I simply love what we do!! 

sunset trip with J34 aka Doublestuf (RIP) with Mt. Bake in the background

Capt Tom
Sighting report for June 15, 2017

The rain came in and so did the wind!!  Our morning expedition is what we refer to advanced adventure with high wind and anything but calm seas.  Our morning guests did brave the oceans with Capt. Russ at the helm (10 year veteran of the Coast Guard) but with no cetacean encounters.  However, guests left with a huge smile on their face as a result from the exciting yet safe roller coaster ride Capt. Russ provided.  Along with our 20% cash refund and FREE TRIPS via standby for next time they are here visiting on the west coast!!

Our afternoon and evening tours were transferred and cancelled due to the sea surface and wind conditions. 

Capt Tom