Sightings Report - September 3rd 2019

We found interesting groups and mixing of different Biggs families. We first spent time with a group consisting of T60, her son and daughter T60C and T60F, and her newborn calf, T60G!. While two of her sons, T60D and T60E, were not around, two lone females, T2B and T59, seemed to take their place. Considering T60 had a new calf to care for, it is possible the two females stepped in to assist her while her juvenile sons went off with another group to give them space.

After leaving the group, we headed west following a report of Minke whales. On the way, we ran into another 3 dispersed groups of Biggs orca. Among them were the T36s, T37As, T99s, and T60's two juvenile sons, T60D and T60E! T37A also had a new calf! Soon after we arrived, one of the groups decided to swiftly dart west in the direction of where the Minkes were spotted. In the distance, we could see hunting behavior as the orcas and minke came fully out of the water. All the nearby groups became excited and started heading towards the hunt. The Minke ended up having a stroke of luck and got away!

This tour was full of many different things to see and experience. Two new calves and a minke hunt are not seen often, especially in the same trip!

Capt Tom