Sightings Report - August 10th 2019

T65A2, a 15 year old Biggs killer whale, made a visit to downtown Victoria Harbour yesterday morning! It is an extremely rare occurrence for orcas to enter the harbour, so this was quite the surprise!

T65A2 recently started traveling with his aunt, T65B, and her family while spending some time away from his mom, T65A. The past few days he's been on his own sticking close to land. In the afternoon, we caught him heading north off Oak Bay. Perhaps he's going through his rebellious teenage years and spending some time on his own to figure things out :)

The Steller and California sea lions have also returned to Race Rocks in huge numbers! In one direction you could see two males fighting over the comfiest spot on the rocks, in another two were playfully fighting in the water, and all over there was cuddling and snuggling!

Capt Tom