Sightings Report - July 20th 2019

Sunny skies, glassy water, and whales! We shared a beautiful Saturday with the T46Bs and Scratchy, the humpback whale.

Biggs killer whales often travel in small pods consisting of 3-5 family members. Smaller numbers allow them to hunt their intelligent marine-mammal as quietly as possiblei. The T46Bs are quite the large pod at the moment, however, with 8 whales total! The family consists of mom, T46B, her 5 offspring, and her two grandchildren.

Female Biggs killer whales usually split off from their mothers once they begin having their own offspring. T46B split from her mother, T46, to become the matriarch of her own family. T46B1, her daughter, became a mother in 2015. She now has two calves, including the rare gray calf T46B1B. At the moment, T46B1 still travels with her mother and siblings, but will likely begin traveling apart from them in the near future.

Capt Tom