Sightings Report June 1st-June 9th 2019

We had a great start to our week, as we have seen numerous Humpbacks and Orcas. We had the outmost pleasure of seeing the newly born albino calf T46B1B and family on Captain Gordons tour. The boat was positioned perfectly and the engines off, the whales popped up right by BC NOVA making all on board jump! The white colour is thought to be due to a genetic condition. It is suspected to be leucism or Chediak-Higashi syndrome, both cause a loss of pigmentation, resulting in the greyish-white colour. It was a beautiful day watching the family of females travelling together along the gorgeous BC coastline.

With super calm waters and sunny skies on the horizon today and going forward, BC TIKA left the dock at 10:15am today to track down some T49s and Captain Jimmy was successful within the first hour and a half of their tour! With so many sightings over the past couple of weeks, we are excited to have our guests go out this afternoon on BC LUNA and BC ORCA.

Capt Tom