Sightings Report - Season 2019 is here!

We are back!! After what felt like a long cold winter, it is great to be on the water again. According to various news outlets Victoria experienced more snow than any other Canadian city in February. But with the sun shining and cherry blossom trees blooming we are optimistic that spring is coming!

After the first week on the Salish Sea, we cannot wait for what peak season will bring! Since running the first trip last Monday we have encountered seals, sea lions, playful Dall’s porpoise, orcas and even sheep!

So far all the action has been taking place in the San Juan Archipelago, where the islands create high currents through narrow channels and great hunting opportunities for orcas! On March 6th a large pod of Dall’s porpoise played with BC Luna right before they saw Mouflon Sheep on Spieden Island. Even though they did not encounter whales, everyone had a great time and received 20% money back along with a return stand by tour! Over the weekend several groups of orca combed the area for prey, often splitting up then coming together to share their meal.

Bring on the season!!