Sightings Report September 8th 2018

A very foggy morning in the Victoria area, with periods so dense we couldn't see the Provincial Parliament building across the harbour. It began to lift as our fleet set out for a morning tour, lucky us!

We are still buzzing from the large group of orcas off Sooke on Friday. There were over 30 whales and 9 different sub pods present, super cool! By yesterday they had dispersed throughout the area, and continued their never-ending patrol for prey. BC Nova and Luna encountered a group moving through the San Juan Islands, likely hoping to find a harbour seal or two. It began to rain in the afternoon so we decided to take BC Luna, the fully enclosed zodiac with a heated cabin. The whales are already wet so they don't care, but humans are terrestrial so we wanted to keep them warm and dry!

~ Stay tuned for whats next!! 

Capt Tom