Sightings Report for September 6th 2018

September is off to a great start! The weather has been perfect for whale watching, with sunny skies and calm winds. Although we are near the end of tourist peak season, we still have about a month left of peak whale watching season!

In the morning BC Orca caught up with a pod of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) just south of Victoria. The group was identified as the T109A's and consists of a matriarch with her 3 calves. They were first spotted playing in the kelp beds just off the coast before moving east into the afternoon. They were spotted again during our afternoon tour right near Race Rocks Ecological Reserve! This is a great hunting opportunity for them because this small chain of islands is full of seals and sea lions.

Humpback whales are still around feeding on the many microscopic zooplankton in the water column. They often show a pattern of surfacing for 3-4 breathes before showing their iconic fluke as they dive to feed! In the afternoon passengers on BC Tika were lucky to witness breaching and lunge feeding humpbacks, a rare sight!!!

~ Stay tuned!!

Capt Tom