Sightings Report for September 21st 2018

Winds were calm and skies were grey as our fleet left the dock in the morning. There were reports of Resident orca’s west of Victoria before the fleet left the harbor!!

The Residents were fishing in the Juan de Fuca Strait as they headed west towards the open ocean. This was a good opportunity to drop the hydrophone into the water to see if they were vocalizing. Orca’s communicate using a series of clicks, whistles, and pulses that are unique to each population, it was very cool to hear them vocalize!

Humpback whales are still around foraging on microscopic zooplankton that is abundant in our waters. it wont be long before they begin to migrate back down to tropical waters for the winter.

Lots of seals and Sea Lions can be seen relaxing along the shoreline of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. Often heard barking at one another as they compete for space.

~ Stay tuned!

Back view, female.jpg
Capt Tom