Sightings Report for September 18th 2018

The sun was shining and the waters were calm as the fleet headed out. Reports of orca and humpback whales came in early so we were excited to get out there!

West of Sooke there are a lot of humpbacks feeding in the Juan de Fuca Strait, on the morning tour passengers got lucky and witnessed a breach! There were whale blows and tail flukes as far as the eye could see.

The mammal eating Biggs orca were also out west, seen snacking on their latest meal. The pod was identified as the T60’s and includes the 38 year old matriarch, her 17 year old son and 3 younger calves (still not sexed). They were spread out scanning the area and the youngest of the group shadowed their older brother to perfect their hunting skills.

~ Stay tuned!

Female right side, close up, lots of spray.jpg
Capt Tom