Sightings Report for September 13th 2018

Things are beginning to cool down as we move through September, the air is crisp and rainfall is more frequent. Rain triggers salmon populations to make their way into the Salish Sea before moving into the freshwater rivers to spawn, which means the whales will follow!

The Residents are back in the area, and with heavy hearts we are sad to say that there are only 74 individuals left. J50, the small calf of J pod was last seen on Friday the 7th, and although her family has been seen in the area since, sadly she is no longer there and has been declared dead. Members from all 3 southern resident orca pods were seen throughout the day fishing for their favorite salmon, Chinook!! We hope they are finding the food they need to survive.

Passengers on our afternoon tour got the opportunity to witness a sea lion snacking on a fish at the surface. They often whip their head back and forth to subdue and eat their prey, super cool!

~ Stay tuned!

Capt Tom