Sightings Report for September 10th 2018

A lovely Monday with a mix of sun, clouds, and rain. There are still plenty of whales around feeding and we couldnt wait to see who was in the area for the day!

The endangered Southern Resident orcas (salmon eaters) are still in the Salish Sea fishing! We are glad to see them here and hope that they are able to find the salmon they need to build a healthy blubber layer and thrive. We try to give them space and encounter the Biggs orca as much as we can in order to reduce our impact on this endangered ecotype. The southern residents use echolocation to navigate their environment/hunt and boat noise means they have to expend more energy. Good thing there were many Biggs orca (mammal eaters) around scanning the area for harbour porpoise and seals!

Humpback whales are feeding throughout the area, with a lot of juveniles popping up right now! They will only be around for about another month before returning to their southern breeding grounds.

~ Stay tuned!

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Capt Tom