Sightings Report for September 9th 2018

Despite the rainy conditions, it was a great day for whale watching! BC Luna, our fully enclosed zodiac was perfect for keeping everyone warm and dry. As the rains become more frequent the salmon begin their journey into the fresh water rivers to spawn, making their way back to the Salish Sea. This means the Resident salmon eating orcas are here (yay)! 

Biggs orca are also kicking around, so we went to check out them out. A mother and son duo, identified as the T11's, were scanning the shoreline for potential prey. There are a lot of seals and sea lions in the area right now, so there are many opportunities. Members of J and L pod are currently fishing throughout the San Juan Islands. It is great see them in the area, and we hope they are able to find the amount of food they need.

Humpback whales are feeding and being very playful lately, hey can some times be seen fin slapping and tail lobbing. After gorging themselves all summer they will head to southern waters to calf and breed in the winter. 

~ Stay tuned!

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Capt Tom