Sightings Report for August 8th 2018

The heat wave continues, with a high of 30 degrees in the downtown harbour. Everyone was excited to hop on an open zodiac and turn up the air conditioning!

Throughout the day we encountered Biggs Orca heading west through the Juan de Fuca Strait. They spend most of their time foraging, and are often seen successfully making a kill! These top predators prefer a diet of harbour seals and porpoise. They are high in fat, and with healthy populations in the area these whales are eating well! Such a contrast to the endangered Southern Residents. 

Humpback whales continue to hang out and feed in the Salish Sea. Captain Gordon came back from the morning tour with a great story of being 'mugged' by one of these friendly giants! This term is used to describe when an whale comes in close to check out the boat. Luckily it was a positive experience and everyone went home with their wallets!

~Stay tuned!!

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Capt Tom