Sightings Report for August 7th 2018

Another hot day in the greater Victoria area, with temperatures in the high 20s! 

Throughout the morning our fleet encountered severeal humpback whales, they were in a very friendly mood and several came in close to check out the passengers! These large baleen whales undertake a long migration from southern tropical waters to the highly productive tropical waters of BC every year to feed! They target zooplankton and small schooling fish, by approaching them with their large mouths gaped open to engulf their prey!

In the afternoon our captains headed South of Victoria and not long into the tours a group of Biggs orca were picked up! They were identified as the T18's, a group consisting of 4 individuals with 2 'sprouting' males!

Race Rocks Ecological Reserve is always a hit with guests!! There are many seals and sea lions scattered along the rocks, often heard barking and roaring at one another. Ollie the local sea otter was also spotted having a nap in the kelp beds nearby!

~ Stay Tuned for whats next!

Mom and calf, close to rock wall.jpg
Capt Tom