Sightings Report for August 6th 2018

Happy BC Day!! Lucky for us everyday is BC day as we constantly celebrate the life found along our coast, and the August long weekend has been a blast!

Also known as 'Fogust' there has been a layer of fog over the water lately, making it harder to spot whales as they surface to breathe. But nothing our captains cant handle, we encountered feeding Humpbacks south of Victoria in the morning. These large baleen whales are here to feed on the microscopic plankton throughout the water column.  Unfortunately by the afternoon the wind picked up bringing more chop, and for the first time since June 4th our 'No Whale Guarantee' program came into effect. This entitles the passengers to 20% money back and a free trip on us until whales are seen! We have the best no whale guarantee in Victoria and do our best to mitigate the off chance we will not encounter a cetacean during a tour. 

~ Stay tuned!

Half breech (side view).jpg
Capt Tom