Sightings Report for August 25th 2018

Its almost September and we cannot believe how time flies when everyday is full of adventure! The area is finally getting some much needed rain, and the wind has successfully pushed out most of the smoke. 

Our fleet headed out to see who was in the area for the day, it didn't take long before humpback whales were spotted feeding off a bank in the Juan de Fuca Strait. These large giants eat microscopic zooplankton that hang out deeper in the water column during the day. 

In the afternoon the winds picked up, good thing BC TIKA's long and slender build handles bumpy conditions well. A group of Biggs orca (mammal eaters) were picked up south east of Race Rocks Ecological park during the afternoon tour! Whales that do not often frequent the area, cool!

~ Stay tuned 

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Capt Tom