Sightings Report for August 21 2018

The smoke has hit an all time high, and the local air quality is being compared to that of Beijing! Despite the haze over the area, there was plenty of adventure to be had on the Salish Sea!

Biggs Orca were in the area all day scanning the sea for potential prey! This ecotype of orcas eat other marine mammals and often target seals and porpoise. These whales need to eat a lot to sustain a thick layer of blubber, so they are often foraging. It is awesome to witness these powerful predators teamwork and skill!

Humpback whales are also in the Salish Sea to feed, only their prey are small microscopic zooplankton. These gentle giants are often friendly and will come often come and say 'hi' to our passengers!

~ Stay tuned!!

Capt Tom