Sightings Report for August 19th 2018

A great day of calm seas!! Sadly there is still a cloud of smoke over the area as the fires across the province continue. There were so many whales in the area, throughout the day our fleet encountered the Southern Residents, Biggs orca, and Humpback whales!

In the morning the fleet headed west through the Juan de Fuca Strait to catch up with J pod. The whales were spread out chasing salmon and would often breach. Two Biggs orca, identified as the T10's,  were in the area throughout the day. They were first seen early in the morning at the mouth of the Victoria harbour!

Humpbpck whales are always an awesome encounter! They continue to feed on the great amounts of zooplankton in the water column. They often take a few breathes at the surface before depending on a dive to feed, and are usually friendly.

~ Stay tuned

Capt Tom