Sightings Report for August 1st 2018

The season is flying by as we move into August! A bit of a blustery day to began the month, with winds building throughout the day it was a bumpy ride getting back to the Victoria inner harbor!

In the morning our fleet headed West to catch up with several members of L pod heading through the Juan de Fuca Strait. Two large males, identified as L41 and L85, were encountered swimming quickly through the area, perhaps they were chasing their favorite prey;Salmon!

Humpback whales are littered throughout the Salish Sea right now! Here feeding on the bounty of zooplankton in the nutrient rich waters. They are often encountered feeding, resting or if we are lucky breaching!!! A stop by Race Rocks is always a hit wit the guests. It is a popular haul out site for the local pinnipeds, and they can be seen barking at one another while sun bathing!

~ Stay tuned!

Capt Tom