Sightings Report for August 18th 2018

A great Saturday to be on the water! The skies were clear and seas were calm as the fleet set out to see who was around for the day! 

J pod of the Southern Resident killer whales are back in the Salish Sea! We care about and respect them very much and given their recent plights, our captains gave them their space. Seen in the family was the well known J50, who is thought to be doing better! We want to see thriving whales, always take the opportunity to speak of their struggles, and what can be done to secure their future. 

Humpback whales are around feeding off the deep underwater drop offs! Often solitary, these baleen whales gather to feed in prey rich areas. Its always a great encounter several of them at the same time!!

Stellar Sea Lions are still hanging out at Race Rocks Ecological Park. When the tours head west the captains always take to opportunity to stop in. A variety of pinnipeds are seen sprawled along the rocky shores, and can be heard barking at one another.

~ Stay tuned!

J-27 and family.jpg
Capt Tom