Sightings Report for August 10th 2018

Happy Friday, the weekend is here again and the weather seems to be making a shift today. Friday was another hot day in the greater Victoria area, with winds picking up to 20 knots as our afternoon tours got back to the dock! Luckily our zodiacs are built to navigate rough seas!

Peak season has been great, and we have only been skunked once since May (those are some pretty good odds!). Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) were in the area throughout the day yesterday! They were encountered travelling through the Salish Sea scanning the area, and in the afternoon napping! Because whales are mammals they need to stay conscious to breathe, so they evolved to shut half of their brain down at a time, cool!! When they rest they are seen in a tight night group as they swim in a zig-zag pattern. 

Seals and Sea lions are still littered along the shores of Race Rocks Ecological Park. A small chain of islands south of Victoria act as a great haul out spot for the local pinnipeds.

~ Stay tuned!!!

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Capt Tom