Sightings Report for July 31 2018

The winds were up and in response the water conditions were bumpy. By the end of the afternoon Victoria's waterfront was quite choppy, but nothing our captains couldn't handle.

In the morning our fleet caught up with several different Humpback whales, here feeding in the nutrient rich waters! The passengers on BC LUNA had a great encounter with an energetic humpback, seen continuously breaching before rolling in a kelp bed. 

By the afternoon Southern Resident killer whales were spotted fishing off the coast of the San Juan Islands in US waters. J pod members have been around all week, and today several members of L pod have shown up. Glad to see that there is enough Chinook Salmon for these top predators to spend more time in their summer feeding grounds!

There are so many mom and pup seal pairs currently in the area. Here feeding on the many schooling fish, as she teaches her offspring how to thrive! Seals and Sea Lions are often encountered in the water, resting along rocky shores, or even feasting on a fresh catch!

~ Stay tuned!

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Capt Tom